block paving

dpg are experts in restoring surfaces that have become vunrable to weed, moss & alage.

roof restoration

dpg offer a wide range of cleaning & coating options when it comes to PROTECTING & transforming your roof.

property restoration

From render repair, soft washing, exterior decorating & house sealing.. we’ve got everything covered.

DPG offer alternative solutions when it comes to home improvements and adding value to your property.


We start from the top down and offer a wide range of roof cleaning & roof coating options when it comes to transforming your roof.  Combine that with one of our soft washing, brick/masonry, sealing and painting packages and your home will be brought back to life in a matter of days.

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Pick the package that is perfect for your property…

Roof cleaning ✔︎
Soft washing ✔︎
Roof coating ✔︎
Moss removal ✔︎
Roof repairs ✔︎
Roof sealing ✔︎
Paint & Render
Complete re-repairs ✔︎
Render repair ✔︎
External decorating ✔︎
House painting ✔︎
Soft washing ✔︎
Fungisidial wash downs ✔︎
Brick & Masonry
Exterior brick sealing ✔︎
Render sealing ✔︎
Natural stone sealing ✔︎
House / Premisis sealing ✔︎
Roof sealing ✔︎